My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for 2 years. We had begun infertility testing. My husband's sperm counts were o.k., but I was not ovulating. I decided to explore alternative medicine before resorting to fertility drugs. I had already attended Dr Lius Clinic previously so decided to have a consultation regarding my infertility. I received 8 weekly sessions of acupuncture. I then had a pre-planned follow-up at the fertility clinic and I explained to my consultant the treatment I had received. He decided to carry out a retest. The results showed that I had started ovulating. I now have 3 healthy children C one aged 6 and twins aged 4. I am sure this would never of have happened without Dr Lius help.



Consultation £50.00 per patient
Acupuncture Treatment £50.00 Intensive Treatment 30-40 minutes each session
Manipulation £50.00 each session
Moxabustion £50.00 each session
Allergy Testing £80.00
Cupping Treatment £40.00 each session
Stop Smoking £50.00 each session
Slimming Treatment
£50.00 each session



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