My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for 2 years. We had begun infertility testing. My husband's sperm counts were o.k., but I was not ovulating. I decided to explore alternative medicine before resorting to fertility drugs. I had already attended Dr Lius Clinic previously so decided to have a consultation regarding my infertility. I received 8 weekly sessions of acupuncture. I then had a pre-planned follow-up at the fertility clinic and I explained to my consultant the treatment I had received. He decided to carry out a retest. The results showed that I had started ovulating. I now have 3 healthy children C one aged 6 and twins aged 4. I am sure this would never of have happened without Dr Lius help.

I suffered from muscle dystrophy for 3 years. Before the treatments my condition was very bad, my both shoulders and arms can't raise up Have no strength, my both legs also has not strength and unbalance it often I fell to the ground as well I feel very tired. my GP Tell me this disease can't be cured. My dad saw the Liu clinic he said that I should try to have Chinese Medical treatments. After The treatments my body's felling greatly changes at both shoulders arms can raise up, my both leg Started have more strength balance is much better. Now I feel more stable no longer fall down on the ground, I can raise both my shoulders arms and legs higher before I can't. Dr Liu Our Whole family thank you for you done the very good job. 

Daniel Dylewicz, 16 Nov 2009
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